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A little about us

In the months following the birth of our daughter, Grace, we (Katherine and Tom Homfray) founded CozyGlo, selling nightlights. Inspired by our own experience of nighttime feeding, comforting and nappy changing, we wanted a nightlight that quite literally had a cosy glow whilst also combining some other very useful features.

Over a year and a half after we started our venture, and having tackled the minefield of how to go about developing an electronic product, we finally have stock! Our nightlights have been designed with the needs of both parents and children in mind. They are useful from birth, during the months when you might have your little one in your own room, whilst also being an attractive feature of any child’s bedroom, used for storytime and sleep training.

We all know that nighttime can be scary for young children, so a CozyGlo light has been designed as a cute, smiley bedside buddy that aims to give comfort and security to help children drift off to sleep. Our CozyGlo lights also have a dimmer, an in-built clock, stopwatch, thermometer and sleep trainer. We have combined all these features together and believe that the end product is extremely attractive and useful!

And now, just after the birth of our baby boy, Robbie (October 2015), we are able to use the very night light that we wished we’d had when Grace was born. We hope you and your children will find our nightlights as irresistible and as invaluable as our family do. We have intended to make nighttimes just that little bit easier.

We'd like to thank

Richard Chapman at D2M Innovation for his hard work in helping to develop the initial prototypes. Find out more about Richard and the D2M team here.

Tinopolis Interactive (Tinint) (the digital content and online solutions part of the media group ‘Tinopolis’). The team at Tinint have a love for the concept of Cozyglo and have helped us translate our ethos and ideas into the online presence we have today. Find out more about Tinint here.

Philip Tan (in charge of engineering and quality control). Based in Hong Kong, Philip oversaw the manufacturing process. Without Philip we would not have the quality product we have today.

Katherine and Tom live and work in London.
Grace and her penguin nightlight.